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Funko Firefly Legacy Collection - Jayne Cobb Action Figure

Funko Firefly Legacy Collection - Jayne Cobb Action Figure

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If you are a collector looking for a pristine box, please note that our Pop! figures are in retail condition, and as such are subject to potential damage due to factory or human error. Our policy regarding box condition reflects that of Funko, in that we do not offer refunds or replacements for Funko products unless the figure itself is defective or damaged. While some retailers choose to seal Pop! boxes for purposes of loss-prevention, Funko does not seal their packaging, and they encourage you to remove figures from their boxes to fully enjoy them. As such, according to Funko, box condition does not affect the value of their products. For more information, please refer to Funko’s Refund & Replacement policy. “We put a lot of resources into designing a box that is as awesome as the product inside. That said, the outer box is a shipping box and is not designed for display. It is designed to protect the inner contents during the shipping process, and we fully expect it (like all shipping boxes) to be subject to wear and tear in the shipping process. We are unable to offer replacements for any damaged shipping boxes… Please note that a minor packaging flaw, that doesn't affect the contents, is not considered a defect or damage for parcel insurance or refund claims. A small bend, scuff or indentation on exterior packaging can occur at any point in the manufacturing, supply or shipping processes… Blemishes to packaging will not be considered as part of a damaged figure… We design our packaging to protect the collectibles inside, and we do not seal our boxes for this very reason. We encourage you to take your Pop! figures and other products out of the boxes to enjoy them! Even if you choose to keep your figures in the boxes, we are not able to replace packaging.”

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